Working on a free birthday print



I was hoping I would have these all printed by yesterday in order to give them away, but it has honestly taken me longer than I thought, so I’m going to post the progress of the whole the process from sketching to carving to printing. Then likely you’d know what you are getting yourself into.

Here is the sketch 75% done



The final sketch is now ready to be transferred to a linoleum platethat I will start carving right after.



Carving the plate…


Seed starting during “Shelter in place” time

Nothing makes me more hopeful for the future than watching seedlings bursting from seeds and emerging from the soil; this  process has become more meaningful this year under the constant feeling of uncertainty we are all experiencing during this pandemic. Even more powerful because I have had success with seeds that were 6 years old!

I no longer have access to a greenhouse so at first I used a few store-bought trays with domes, but then I realized I could just use whatever I had around and avoid a trip to the store. Here is one technique I came up with.

Egg cartons make great seed starting trays! My favorite are the 3 part plastic ones, but I have used all kinds.

I cut off the part that goes over the eggs ( I used as the water catching tray) and left the other two parts attached.

Then I punctured a 1/4 inch draining hole under each egg holder


I filled up each egg holder with soil and sowed 2-3 seeds since they were really old and there was a chance they wouldn’t germinate; then I “labeled” them by writing on the cover with a sharpie. I placed the part I initially cut off under the tray with the soil and the holes, this will be my water catching tray (this one has no holes)

I watered my seeds and placed them by the window sill.


Then I ran out of room and found out about “grow” lights; I’m experimenting with that right now. Luckily I have plenty of time.

First batch grown under lights.


Holiday Open Studio Sale

Friday November 22nd 5-10 PM

This year the holiday open studio sale is happening on the Friday before Thanksgiving.

At this year’s sale you will find the work of three artists:

Alynn Guerra: Block-prints on paper, framed work, large format prints (available only at the studio), buttons, cards, stickers and old discontinued prints.

Rebecca Rodriguez: Wood cut prints, color prints, one-of-a-kind prints.

Jonathan Kloote: Assemblage art and hand crafted metal jewelry.

Fun fact: Rebecca, Jonathan and I used to converse at cool art events in the past,  now we do at our kid’s school.



Transplants Bloom Too

This reduction print was the fruit of a long internal creative process that began when I bought some dahlias at the market. What a gorgeous flower, with its collection of perfectly-designed laid out in geometrical spirals and the delicate addition of color, always a variation of two near-complements fading into one another for a beautiful effect.

Woodblock print plate for "Transplants Bloom Too" reduction print
An early shot of the pen drawing on MDF board and the initial plate starting to take shape.

It didn’t take my mind long to move to the amazing science of transplantation, cross-pollination, plant hybridization and the like that have been practiced in the plant kingdom long long before they were practiced by humans. I fascinated by the way plants can quickly assimilate themselves to different climates and habitat with beautiful results. We see proof of this all the time in the plant kingdom, and in humans as well. How wonderful to behold how well we humans do when transplanted far far from home and into communities that may look nothing like the ones we are used to.

While conceptualizing what the text on this piece would look like in my head I originally was visualizing a more handwritten-style font. But then while experimenting with fonts this classical “Times”-style serif caught my eye and I liked it immediately for its appearance and weight. The letters were hand-carved in linoleum and printed in a separate pass, bringing the total color count on this print to five.


Holiday Season 2018 Sales

There are still plenty of chances to find us around town for a Michigan-made creative gift or two. Here are the upcoming shows. Schedule tight? Drop me an email any time to set up an appointment at the studio.

Saturday, 12/1/2o18
UICA Holiday Artists’ Market

Sunday, 12/23/2018
Last Chance Holiday Art Market | The Pyramid Scheme
Facebook Page:

Some Recent Press

Last week my friend and fellow artist Mandy Cano Villalobos came over to my studio to “interview” me, but really it was more like hanging out like we used to, a long time ago… before we had children. She has three and gets shit done, I sometimes do too and only have one. We didn’t talk long, and she didn’t ask painful personal questions, yet the story is a good insight into my  life as an artist as a person still figuring things out.

Next Eric Bowens came over to take pictures… ugh, that is always painful, and he was so patient. Eric is a doctor at a community clinic serving the hispanic population in Grand Rapids, I have secretly admired him for using his profession as an other form of activism and also for being an active supporter of the arts.

Huge thanks to Holly Bechiri, for supporting artists by having their voices be heard, for finding amazing writers and photographers to tell the stories.

Goodbye “crow” print!

“Wishing my worries away”

We’ve got to the last of this print edition. Numbers 42, 43, 44 and 45 are all that’s left of the edition. If you would like to get one of them come to our anual studio sale coming up November 17 and 19; or get it at the online shop and I’ll ship it for free.




Spring and Summer 2017 Festivals

Red Hydrant Press will be selling at the following festivals and shows this spring and summer. * are for places we haven’t been before, so be sure to come check us out if you’re near these ones.

May 27 – Made in MI Pop Up Market*

June 2-4 – Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts

June 17 – Founders Fest

June 24-25 – Grand Haven Art Fair*

July 1-2 – South Haven Art Fair*

September 8-10 – Wheatland Music Festival – Remus, MI*

If you have any questions about these events or other ways to see my art, please get in touch.

Cloudiest place on Earth

January is already one of the harshest months for me, I need to start thinking about taxes, I have near to zero income, no projects to focus on, no events, no concerts, no blue skies, no sun, no warmth, nothing to make a being with a beating heart feel better! On top of that I just read that Grand Rapids was the cloudiest place on Earth last week. So I guess the only thing left for us inhabitants of this grey place is to brag about how miserable we can be, but even that was taken away by the events of last week which made last week also one of the darkest I have memory of.

But times like these have inspired great art and that’s what I am looking forward to.

To the drafting table!