I am teaching printmaking classes at my studio located in the Tanglefoot building. These classes are intended for those who are curious about the process but have felt intimidated to start on their own.

Printmaking 101 Classes will cover the basics of printmaking, like design transfer, translating a sketch into images suitable for relief carving, materials, inks, paper, tools, etc. The goal is that at the end of the four classes, students will be confident to pull prints on their own.

The Monotype Day Session Classes will cover the distinctive printmaking method of Monotype. In Monotype Printmaking, a one-of-a-kind print is produced using a painterly style: adding ink to a plate, then manipulating, adding and removing it using brushes, spatulas, swabs, or an endless array of found objects. Stencils and other textural items can be layered on, and then the plate is run through a press, transferring the assembled image to paper.