Spanish alphabet: D is for Dromedario – Dromedary

Spanish alphabet: D is for Dromedario – Dromedary


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For the “D” in our Spanish Alphabet series, we bring you the Dromedary – Dromedario. The wizened eye, the interesting shocks of fur and that awesome expressive mouth seemed made for a black-and-white print.

The Dromedary, or Arabian Camel, has only one hump and is the smallest of the ungulate camel family. Like its camel cousins, its tough, two-toed feet and fibrous, water-storing hump make it natural fit for desert landscapes.

This letter was done by my husband Nate, we started this project when our daughter was born, and it has taken us more than 4 years to get to “f”

This is a linocut print on acid free Stonehenge paper.

Paper measures 7.5×7.5 “
Image measures 6×6”

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