The RHP Studio Flood of 2019

On the morning of February 1st; after a long period of inactivity due to asbestos abatement followed by brutal winter weather aka polar vortex I finally finished putting my studio back together when all of the sudden water came cascading from the floor above.

A sprinkler pipe ruptured and flooded my studio, water came pouring down until the fire department came and shut off the water. In the mean time my neighbors from End Hymns came running and helped me move what we could away from the falling water. Then Tommy, Elaine and Cathy helped me with the insurance stuff and luckily they thought of taking pictures because my phone was useless after getting soaked in my pocket.

I am definitely recovering and the studio is looking almost back to normal, but I lost lots of little things that are worthless according to my insurance claims person, my phone, my futon, computer power cord, prints, paper, mat board, cardboard, wood for frames, frames, framed work, photographs, TIME.

How to Help

After this incident I have received lots of help and offers to help, I decided I don’t want to abuse the go fund me platform and instead have two events where everyone gives and receives.

One is a garage type of sale at my studio and the second one a by-donation online art download.

Studio Flash Sale:

Old prints, miss prints, dented prints will be available for $1-$10 or whatever you want to give.

Friday March 1st 5-9:00 pm at 314 Straight Ave SW door M

Online Download Sale:

For those who wish to help but live far away, I made a few prints available for download by donation, whatever you want to contribute. This way I don’t have to worry about shipping them to you. The images are suitable to print at their actual size or smaller, they would also work as wallpaper.

Valentines Day, 2/14/2019 Through Friday March 1st