Seed starting during “Shelter in place” time

Nothing makes me more hopeful for the future than watching seedlings bursting from seeds and emerging from the soil; thisĀ  process has become more meaningful this year under the constant feeling of uncertainty we are all experiencing during this pandemic. Even more powerful because I have had success with seeds that were 6 years old!

I no longer have access to a greenhouse so at first I used a few store-bought trays with domes, but then I realized I could just use whatever I had around and avoid a trip to the store. Here is one technique I came up with.

Egg cartons make great seed starting trays! My favorite are the 3 part plastic ones, but I have used all kinds.

I cut off the part that goes over the eggs ( I used as the water catching tray) and left the other two parts attached.

Then I punctured a 1/4 inch draining hole under each egg holder


I filled up each egg holder with soil and sowed 2-3 seeds since they were really old and there was a chance they wouldn’t germinate; then I “labeled” them by writing on the cover with a sharpie. I placed the part I initially cut off under the tray with the soil and the holes, this will be my water catching tray (this one has no holes)

I watered my seeds and placed them by the window sill.


Then I ran out of room and found out about “grow” lights; I’m experimenting with that right now. Luckily I have plenty of time.

First batch grown under lights.