Transplants Bloom Too

This reduction print was the fruit of a long internal creative process that began when I bought some dahlias at the market. What a gorgeous flower, with its collection of perfectly-designed laid out in geometrical spirals and the delicate addition of color, always a variation of two near-complements fading into one another for a beautiful effect.

Woodblock print plate for "Transplants Bloom Too" reduction print
An early shot of the pen drawing on MDF board and the initial plate starting to take shape.

It didn’t take my mind long to move to the amazing science of transplantation, cross-pollination, plant hybridization and the like that have been practiced in the plant kingdom long long before they were practiced by humans. I fascinated by the way plants can quickly assimilate themselves to different climates and habitat with beautiful results. We see proof of this all the time in the plant kingdom, and in humans as well. How wonderful to behold how well we humans do when transplanted far far from home and into communities that may look nothing like the ones we are used to.

While conceptualizing what the text on this piece would look like in my head I originally was visualizing a more handwritten-style font. But then while experimenting with fonts this classical “Times”-style serif caught my eye and I liked it immediately for its appearance and weight. The letters were hand-carved in linoleum and printed in a separate pass, bringing the total color count on this print to five.